New website for Tennessee rex cats!

The Tennessee Rex cat is a natural mutation that was found in a stray cat in Tennessee in 2004. Breeders are working to develope this cat into a full fledged registered breed.   So far we have made it as far as "Preliminary New Breed" (PNB) in TICA.   Next goal is to make it to Advanced New Breed (ANB)  

We need more people to come on board for this goal, we need new breeders and we need people who will show the cats in TICA.  Right now we dont sell the cats, When carriers (TRC) or rexes (TRs) become available we SHARE them with people.   Guidelines include that TRs will be outcrossed to domestics to create more unrelated carriers,   Carriers can be bred back to TRs. Kittens and cats are then passed on to other new people or back to the breeders you got them from.  Any carriers not used in the program must be spayed or nuetered before leaving.   Costs for shipping/vaccines etc are the only money exchanged for breeding cats at this time.  Anyone with a full TR is asked to show it in TICA in the PNB class.  

We need 100 registered cats, with 50 of those being able to be shown, We need 25 individual cats to be shown, amongst other requirements before we can move on to Advanced new breed.

Right now there is NO MONEY to be made! The cats are not for sale.  BUT we need new breeders and exhibitors.  SO if you are interested you can contact me at   You will need to wait to get a breeding pair as they come available . We have a facebook page that you can be invited to  (private page).

The TR has a wavy to curly coat, looks sort of unkempt. Comes in long and short hair, all colors are welcome but most are reds/creams .  The thing that makes them special is they have a "satin" gene.  The fur has a shine to it that no other breed has .   The temperament seems to be very gentle and loving. they are a nice moderate cat with no parts being extreme.

Shorthair TR female, typical look fo the breed and the shine on the fur. crimpy whiskers.
Examples of satin shine on a short hair cat

A cream longhair tennessee rex male. satin is more matt gloss, his gentle personality is evident.

Examples of Shorthaired  tenessee Rex cats

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