Turkish Angoras are very athletic!   Heres one way we exercise our cats. Luna is the highest jumper.  

 LUNA  CFA ;Grand Champion, AC,   TICA; RW Champion  Sunbriar Luna Lovegood. White female born January 20th 2011. My first homebred kitten!  Sire is Ch Katsnjazz Love Walked in Of Bizans , Dam  is Hylanderclan Ashley.  Luna earned her CFA Championship AND Grand Championship at 8 mos old in one show weekend!  She also has earned an agility title!  Luna was the Best turkish angora for our region in TICA for the last show year.   Luna had her first kittens born the end of july, a black boy, a blue-eyed white boy and a tortie smoke girl.  Luna's second litter May 30 2013 had a white boy, and 2 white girls and a blue smoke girl. (see newest litter page)






MISSY  CH AC Bizans Mosaic Of Sunbriar. Born April 5th 2011.. Thank You Sue for letting me have Missy!  Beautiful brown tabby girl, sired by Ch Katsnjazz love Walked of Bizans and out of  CH Azima's Az-miras Of Bizans, bred by Sue Howland.  Missy has been to shows as a Kitten but not as an adult yet..  But She loves  shows so I expect good things for her!  She also has earned the first level of am  CFA cat agility title (AC) ! Missy loves everyone and anyones lap is a good place for her. Below photo is at around 4 months old, as she has grown she is getting more red colors in her beautiful tabby  pattern. Missy has been bred to a blue-eyed white, white  Kittens due late october. Missy has Two white kittens!


Bizans Mosaic Of Sunbriar  4 mos

Yet another way to keep cats in shape, here is Missy and Lily,  jumping and  spinning, we call it "stirring the cats". 

LILY   CFA GR CH AGM, TICA Supreme GRand ALTER Sunbriar Gilded Lily... my sweet, sweet girl!    Sired by Ch Katsnjazz Love Walked In Of Bizans out of  Azima's Gilda Of Antioch.  My second homebred kitten.   Lily had a hard start when as a baby kitten she ate a plastic bead and needed surgery to save her life!  But she has grown to be a very loyal girl.   Her nickname is "Gremlin" because she doesnt MEOW, but makes her own noise which we think is like a gremlin..  She has been to shows as a kitten and also  has earned an agility title , placing second!  She loves agility and loves to show, so will be out this spring to try for her titles. Enjoy the video of lily at 4 mos old doing agility below. May 1st 2012, Lily has earned a 2nd agility title and is half way to her Grand Ch.. her best agility time so far 8.6 seconds!  September 1st 2012.. Lily now has her AM agility title (Agility Master) her fastest time so far 7.7 second, so far she has been first place in any agility trials she has run in this year.  She also is 3/4 to her GRCH. Lily was 5th best agility cat NATIONALLY and #1 for the Region 4 for 2011-2012 year.  Oct  1st 2012, Lily has her Agility Master title and is racing towards being one of the first to get an Agility Grand Master title! LILY earned her show Grand CHampion on 10/21/12 and she also earned the Agility Grand Master on 10/20/12 and is the first cat ever to earn the AGM. she was also first place again at the agility trials this weekend.  Sad note, lily almost died due to pyometra a few weeks after earning her grands, she had to be spayed to save her life. but after ecovering she easily got her Grand Premier title in CFA and her Alter CH in TICA. so she earned a Grand Champion, Grand Premier and agility Grand master all in one show season.. but .. no kittens from her.  Lily has been awarded a "Guinness world record" for her agility times!  Lily adds the title of TICA SUPREME GRAND ALTER to her name.



 CLAIRE!  CFA CH AC, TICA TGC Sunbriar Clairette.  by french Import Eiffel and out of GIlda. Claire was my "keeper" from this litter and is such a gentle sweet cat, but also a bit shy and withdrawn.  so pretty. will be adding a photo soon.  She got an agility title, but really isnt brave enough (yet) to perform in public.  Claire got her CFA Championship July 2013, such a delicate beautiful girl!  Claire started showing in TICA and quickly got her triple grand champion. She is a great show cat now, not shy at all and give kisses to everyone (licks faces)   such a sweet cat! and so pretty.  and throws such pretty kittens.

CH AW Sunbriar  Once In A Blue Moon. "Blue"    Blue is not fond of showing, she would rather stay home.  She is a very protective mother.   She recently had a nice litter of 4 bicolor boys (4/21/15)   

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